Thursday, December 29, 2005

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Once again we are offering encouragement and support to our ministry partners who want to join us on this 21-day spiritual adventure of prayer and fasting. Even if you can only fast for a small portion of this time, we want you to participate. The journey begins on Monday, January 2 and ends Sunday, January 22nd. A free prayer and fasting guide is available via the following link:
PDF Download: 21 Days Prayer and Fasting Guide

The Spirit-Enabled Church

Over the past five years the theme of the "Spirit-enabled" church has occupied a lot of my thinking. There are a lot of good "ways of doing church" being promoted these days, but Pentecostals in particular would do well to consider the possibility that the greatest "model" of ministry has been within their reach all along.

What is needed?

Programmed approaches to ministry have become burdensome. Copying the ideas of other popular and successful ministries can seem a bit shallow. The "Seeker-Sensitive" approach has a lot of merit, but sometimes it feels like Somebody is missing. The "Purpose-Driven" model has benefited many, but even that approach falls short of integrating some of the essential ingredients of New Testament ministry.

Allow me to jump to the heart of the matter. Ministry must function through an intimate and dynamic relationship with God. To state the point another way, true New Testament ministry calls for the intentional inclusion of the dynamic of the Holy Spirit. I am talking about deliberately engaging Him in everything that we do.

Oh, most of us probably realize that an intimate and dynamic relationship with God is important for our lives, but we often fail to carry that dynamic over into the way that we conduct ministry.
We know how to be spiritual in our personal walk with God, but why do we think that something different or more is needed for the practice of ministry? We run to corporate business models for our answers. We search the Internet for the latest ideas. We browse the Christian bestsellers list for the most popular trends.

Why not the Spirit? Why not His gifts? Why not His presence and His power?

I believe that the twenty-first century church can effectively and faithfully reclaim the person, presence and power of the Spirit in the conduct of ministry.

For the past six months I have been relatively silent on this subject. My aim for 2006 is to fully embrace the calling to carry the message of the Spirit-enabled church.