Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall 2007 Prayer Gathering

On Tuesday, September 18th, the students, faculty, staff, and administration of the Church of God Theological Seminary gathered at the International Prayer Center (North Cleveland Church of God) in Cleveland, Tennessee to pray for pastors, their congregations, their communities, and their families.

The event was facilitated by Dr. Randy Turpin and the leadership team of the Center for Pentecostal Leadership and Care (CPLC). Dr. James P. Bowers (Executive Director, CPLC), Dr. Milton D. Carter (Associate Director, CPLC), Dr. Ron Cason, and Douglas Holland led in prayer at key points in the service.

Jonathan Zajas led in worship; he led in the fall 2006 and spring 2007 Prayer Gatherings as well.

Prayer themes included:

  • Prayer for One Another in the Seminary Community
  • Pastors, their Families, and their Ministries
  • The Rising Generation of Pastoral Leaders
  • Pastors in the Pastoral Covenant Group Project
We invite you to covenant with us on an ongoing basis to pray for pastors. For more information, please contact Dr. Turpin at