Monday, November 03, 2008

2008-2009 Pastoral Covenant Groups Launch

This fall 126 Pastoral Covenant Groups from 20 states and regions are launching another one-year process of pastoral development and renewal. An estimated 1000 Church of God pastors will be participating.

A number of groups have already conducted their covenant-making retreats. One participating pastor stated to his group, "I didn't trust you guys before, but now I do. I trust everyone of you."

Another pastor left revival services at this own church just to be at his group's retreat, stating,

"I need this! You don't get this at Campmeeting or Prayer Conference where we sit down and talk about ministry at a deeper level."

Draw Near and the Center for Pentecostal Leadership and Care invite you to pray throughout this coming year for the sustaining of this Pastoral Covenant Group initiative.