Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Giving Through COG World Missions

Every donation you give to our ministry through Church of God World Missions is a tax deductible contribution. You may give by postal mail or online:

Giving by Postal Mail 

Donations (checks or money orders) sent by postal mail should be mailed to:
Church of God World Missions
P O Box 8016
Cleveland TN 37320-8016 
Please reference our project number on your check or money-order:
Please enclose a note indicating that the donation is for Randy Turpin’s Leadership Training account (102-9311).

Giving Online 

Contributions can also be made via the World Missions website at: 
World Missions accepts Visa, MasterCard, debit cards, and PayPal. The website is secure, and just as with a postal mail contribution, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your online donation.

Please put the project number and name (102-9311 – Randy Turpin’s Leadership Training account) in the comments section of the form.

Thank you for your generous contribution 
 to our international leadership training ministry! 

Personal Correspondence 

Personal letters, conference inquiries and prayer requests may be sent to us at:
Randy and Kerry Turpin
P. O. Box 492642
Redding, CA 96049 

Additional contact information:

Friday, July 05, 2013

Prayer Culture

Prayer is as natural as breathing when a prayer culture has been established. A culture is defined by the beliefs and practices that are characteristic of a group.

A prayer culture exists where prayer is essential to the belief system and is a priority. You know that this culture is present when prayer becomes something more than a spiritual discipline and when people believe that praying really does make a difference.

A prayer culture exists when people actually pray—all the time about everything. Their automatic response to adversity or negative issues is to pray. Their automatic response to affliction or oppression is to pray. Those who have been enculturated in prayer are the kind of people sit through the closing credits at the end of a movie just to pray over the names of actors, directors and cameramen as they scroll by!

A prayer culture exists when a sustained faith and expectation fills the atmosphere. These are people of God's presence. They know what it means to walk with Him and to conduct themselves as agents of His holy purposes in the earth.

How can a prayer culture be cultivated?
  1. Invite the Holy Spirit to bring a revival of prayerfulness.
  2. Worship. As a group or congregation, exalt the Lord. Worship aligns us with the purposes of heaven (Matthew 6:10). It is in worship that the heart of man is made humble, passion for Jesus is ignited, and the eternal perspective comes into view.
  3. Steward the presence of God. Hunger for His presence. When you feel His presence, honor Him in that moment and purpose to do nothing to dishonor Him. Express to Him your desire for that awareness of His presence to never go away. In those times when you are not aware of His presence, seek His face (i.e., His presence). Know that even when you do not feel Him, you are a carrier of His presence and have been authorized to release what you carry into the lives of others and into the atmosphere around you.
  4. Celebrate answered prayer. Testimony and thanksgiving catapult believers even deeper into the expectation that God will do great and mighty things.
  5. Take on an intercessory mindset. This is a redemptive mindset. It is for and not against people and situations. It is full of mercy and compassion.
  6. Stay connected with others. A prayer culture is a community mindset. Although the actions of one person acting alone can accomplish good, a culture cannot be generated until others become involved. Intentionally build purposeful kingdom relationships.
  7. Provide multiple and varied opportunities for people to pray. 
  8. Lead the way with your prayerful life. Serve others through prayer, and never seek recognition. Lead as a person who walks with God, and it will cause others to want to walk closely with Him too.

For further resourcing on Prayer Culture,…
  1. Reflect on Mark 11:17.
  2. Read my book entitled, 101 Prayer Models.
  3. Read Cheryl Sacks' book entitled, The Prayer Saturated Church.
  4. Attend or schedule a Prayer Culture Conference by contacting Randy Turpin at

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Draw Near Relaunch!

On June 12, 2013, Kerry and I announced the re-launch of Draw Near--a ministry that we founded in 1995 in the wake of the Toronto and Brownsville revivals. We are relocating this ministry to Redding, California where a historic move of the Holy Spirit is taking place. From there we will (1) contend for revival in America, (2) launch out to conduct "Prayer Culture" conferences, and (3) expand our international efforts to train and develop leaders.

Draw Near Missions
The international aspect of our work is of particular importance; there is a shortage of educators who are available to travel to international venues to train indigenous leaders. Through online teaching, remote mentoring and conference work, I have been blessed with the opportunity to equip leaders in over sixteen countries. Our move into this new role as "missionary educators" will enable us to expand the global aspect of this ministry. Just a few weeks ago, I taught at the Church of God Seminary in Haiti and helped to equip fifty pastors for Spirit-enabled ministry and cultural transformation. Plans are already in the works to return.

Draw Near Institute
In addition to Draw Near Missions, the creation of Draw Near Institute is also anticipated. The Institute will be an expansion of several of our current training ministries:
  1. Online courses designed to equip leaders and emerging leaders for revival and harvest
  2. Peer Mentoring Groups
  3. Individual mentoring contracts
  4. Conference speaking
Several stateside conference events are soon to be announced. "Prayer Culture" conferences and workshops are currently being planned for North Carolina and Virginia. (To schedule a conference or prayer summit, email me at

We cherish your prayers and support. Pray that we will go deeper with God; we want to minister faithfully from the place of His presence.

To partner with Draw Near financially, go to DONATE.

Thank you.

Grace and peace to you in Jesus!

Randy and Kerry Turpin

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

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